About Us

Hong Kong’s Foremost Real Estate Agent

Find your next investment opportunity or family home with one of the city’s leading agencies. Since 1989, Treasure Land has been a respected name in Hong Kong’s real estate industry. We are commended for our international perspective, dedication to world class service, and focus on satisfying the needs of our clients. Treasure Land has fostered a unique corporate culture wherein Chinese philosophy and Western management are combined in perfect equilibrium to produce a sure fire formula for success. It is for this reason that we are considered the gold standard realtor in the Hong Kong housing industry.

Using advanced technology to help clients buy and sell houses since 1989

Digital technology has revolutionised the way that we do business and Treasure Land has maintained a prominent digital presence for more than a decade. Our online house and apartment search tool enables our clients to search for accurate information about properties which are available to buy and rent in the city.

As a leading Hong Kong real estate agent we have also endeavoured to align our internal processes with the advanced capacities of the digital age with state of the art technology that has been tailor made for our needs. These systems enable us to provide our clients with accurate, timely information about the property market and deliver a superior level of service.

A revolutionary in the HK housing and real estate industry

Treasure Land prides itself on being ahead of the pack in terms of quality and efficiency. We were the first agency to exclusively hire university graduates to ensure quality and professional staff performance. All of our team undergo a rigorous training period for 18 months to ensure they are able to provide clients with a superior service experience as well as an in-depth understanding of the local housing industry. As part of our dedication to professional improvement, we send promising employees to prestigious institutions such as Harvard University so that they can continue to upskill.